Puppy Preschool

Puppy Preschool

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Ruger conquers the teeter totter, 2017.

Our Puppy Preschool course is a series of three lessons, each of which include object socialization, handling exercises, and special topics.

Object Socialization:  We utilize special equipment, such as a puppy teeter totter, as well as household items, such as a vacuum cleaner, to teach owners how to socialize their puppies with new and sometimes scary objects or obstacles.

Handling Exercises:  Our goal is to make your puppy your vet’s favorite patient!  We teach owners how to practice handling their puppies to minimize future problems when dealing with veterinary care, grooming, or even routine in-home wellness.

Special Topics:  During puppy preschool, we address typical questions and problem areas such as play biting and housebreaking, but we also specifically focus on a few special topics including dental care, first aid, and toe nail trimming.

Cost: $55 for Puppy Preschool at DDT – $75 for in-home Puppy Preschool + mileage fee
Requirements: The puppy (8-16 weeks of age) must have been in the home for 2+ weeks and have shot records showing they have begun their vaccines.

Puppies who complete Puppy Preschool receive discounts on ALL future training!

To sign up for puppy preschool, use our contact form on the services page or email discoverydog1@gmail.com!

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