Private Lessons

Private Lessons

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We offer private lessons year round on a flexible schedule for your convenience.  While some dogs and owners enjoy and thrive in a group setting, others find that private instruction best suites their needs.  Private lessons allow flexibility, and when appropriate, we can add or subtract material from the initial plan.

Composed Canines Package
> $350 – Includes 4 private lessons, training tool ($35 value), handouts, and trainer support.
> Lessons scheduled weekly when possible.
>This package is designed to cover leash manners, place command, boundary setting/common problem behaviors, relaxation, and proper leadership.

General Package
> Lessons purchased in a package of three or more are $80/lesson.  This does not include any tools.  For this package, with a minimum of three lessons, the price is $240.  This package would be ideal for someone who – does not need any tools, has a specific goal outside of what is listed above in the composed canines package (scent work, basic obedience commands, puppy material), or who is adding on to a previously completed class or package.

Individual Private Lesson
> $95 per lesson – includes handouts and trainer support

Private Field Trip
> $95 per field trip at trainer approved location

In-Home Private Lesson
> Please email for pricing and availability.

E-Collar Lessons
> $460 – Includes 3 private lesson, Mini Educator E-Collar (ET-300), additional training collar if needed, handouts, long line, and trainer support  *When in stock, you may also choose to trade out the ET-300 for an EZ-900 for $15 more.  Please visit to view the collars and see the differences.)
> We require a minimum of 3 lessons to learn the proper use of the E-Collar for a few simple commands and functions.  More lessons can be added at the package rate of $80/lesson as needed to address more complex behaviors/commands.

To contact us about private lessons, please use the submission form on the services page or email!   Please also be sure to familiarize yourself with our policies : 2023 DDT Policies

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