Private Lessons

Private Lessons


We offer private lessons year round on a flexible schedule for your convenience.  While some dogs and owners enjoy and thrive in a group setting, others find that private instruction best suites their needs.

  • Benefits of private lessons:
    • Scheduling: While group classes have a preset schedule, private lessons are scheduled at your convenience.  This allows owners with changing work schedules to choose a different time or day each lesson as it fits their availability.  We also don’t require that private lessons occur each and every week.  If you or your dog feel that a week is too long/too short between lessons, we can be flexible!
    • Pace:  Our group classes work off of a syllabus to help keep class on track which means that we have preset goals for each lesson and try to stick to certain objectives each week.  In private lessons, we can easily expand, or shrink, those goals based on your dog’s progress and needs.
    • Behavior Modification:  Group classes are focused on teaching basic commands and manners.  If your dog requires more advanced behavior modification (examples include but are not limited to aggression, anxiety, and resource guarding), private lessons are your best option.  While we still begin all training with a foundation of basic obedience, private lessons allow us to address specific problem areas and spend more time on commands or behaviors that will most benefit your dog.
    • Sharing:  In private lessons, it’s all about YOU!  You receive the trainer’s undivided attention for the entire lesson – and your dog doesn’t have to ignore a room full of classmates.

Cost: $50 per lesson at DDT location – $70 per in-home lesson + mileage fee.  Multi-dog households who wish to bring more than one dog to a lesson, add $25/lesson.
Requirements: Proof of distemper/parvo and rabies vaccinations.

To contact us about private lessons, please use the submission form on the services page or email!

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