Discovery Dog Training views obedience not as a set of tricks, but a consistent lifestyle that provides stability and safety for dogs and their owners.

Discovery Dog Training’s goal is to open the lines of communication between you and your dog through leadership and structure.  All relationships need good communication in order to succeed, and we believe the relationship you have with your dog is no different!

Puppy Preschool – Group Classes – Private Lessons 

To find more information on private lessons, group classes, and puppy preschool, use our services submenu or click the links below!

                        Puppy Preschool                                             Group Classes                                               Private Lessons

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Free Evaluations

Prior to lessons of any kind, we like to schedule a free evaluation at our storefront.  This evaluation not only allows you as the owner to ask questions and explain your training desires in a risk free environment, but allows me the trainer to evaluate your true needs prior to beginning lessons.  [No-shows or late cancellations (less than 24 hours) will forfeit a free evaluation and will be required to pay a $20 fee in order to schedule another evaluation.]
If you require an in-home evaluation, there is a fee of $20 + mileage.


Private Lessons
Private Lesson @ DDT: $50/lesson (~1hr)
Private In-Home Lessons: $70/lesson (~1hr) + mileage fees

Puppy Preschool
Puppy Preschool @ DDT:  $55 (3 lesson package) – group or private
Private In-Home Puppy Preschool: $75 (3 lesson package) + mileage fees

*Puppy Preschool graduates receive a discount on future training*

Group Classes
Basic/Advanced Obedience: $230-$260 depending on class type (6 weeks)
Fun & Fitness: $90 (3 weeks)

Click above to get information about our follow-up lessons available post-training!

As you try to determine what type of training is best for you, remember that every dog is different and learns at a different speed.  One dog may master heel and sit in one lesson while another may need three or four lessons to grasp the concept.  In addition, the willingness of the owner to follow instructions and practice the commands outside of the lesson times will significantly affect the total number of lessons required.                                     iacp-logo-member-icon-rgb-600x600natk9_dta_logo_c

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