Discovery Dog Training views obedience not as a set of tricks, but a consistent lifestyle that provides stability and safety for dogs and their owners.

Discovery Dog Training’s methodology is based on the training provided by the National K-9 Learning Center in Columbus, OH.  The object is to open the line of communication between the dog and owner using obedience.  We use praise, motivation, and correction to teach that obedience.

Private Lessons – Puppy Preschool – Group Lessons 

Group Classes – We will offer more group classes in early 2018.  Don’t forget to check out our buddy system!  (See below)

  • Basic Obedience – 4 months to ~1 year old & 1 year and up
  • Advanced Obedience classes will be offered by request
    • Class dates/times for Spring 2018 TBD.
    • Class size is small – maximum of 4 students.
    • Register by sending an email to or using the form below.
    • Want to learn more?  Click here for an example syllabus: Basic Obedience Syllabus Don’t see a class that fits your schedule?  Try our buddy system!
      • Buddy System: Find a friend and pick a day of the week and time that work for you!   If possible, the class will be created, others will be invited to join, and you will receive a group class rate – even if it’s just the two of you!  All you have to do is have a buddy and stick to the six week schedule.
      • If  you’re having trouble finding a buddy, let us know the day of the week/time you’re inserted in and we will post it here for others who may be looking for a buddy.

      Current Buddy System Classes – must sign up before the first class:

      Mondays at 11:00am – begins Oct 30th


Let us know what you’re interested in using the fields below!



Free Evaluations

Prior to lessons of any kind, we like to schedule a free evaluation at our storefront.  This evaluation not only allows you as the owner to ask questions and explain your training desires in a risk free environment, but allows me the trainer to evaluate your true needs prior to beginning lessons.  [If you require an in-home evaluation, there is a fee of $20.]


Private Lessons
Private In-Home Lessons: $70/lesson (~1hr) – mileage fees may apply
Private In-Home Puppy Preschool: $75 (3 lesson package) – mileage fees may apply
Private Lesson @ DDT: $50/lesson (~1hr)

Puppy Preschool: $55 (3 lesson package) – group or private @DDT
*Puppy Preschool graduates receive a discount on group and private lessons*

Group Classes
Basic/Advanced Obedience: $230 (6 weeks)


As you try to determine what type of training is best for you, remember that every dog is different and learns at a different speed.  One dog may master heel and sit in one lesson while another may need three or four lessons to grasp the concept.  In addition, the willingness of the owner to follow instructions and practice the commands outside of the lesson times will significantly affect the total number of lessons required.

Puppy Preschool 

8 week old Bear is exploring his surroundings and getting Puppy Preschool lessons from Mom and Dad

Puppies undergo a critical stage of development from 8-16 weeks, and it is important that owners take advantage of this formative stage as much as possible.  The purpose of Puppy Preschool is to teach the owner how to communicate with the puppy in order to aid in socialization, which is a key part of development.  While some puppy preschools or “puppy kindergarten” classes are nothing more than a free-for-all playtime, our sessions are structured to provide the owner and puppy with the most information possible.  Sessions will include a combination of question and answer time, object socialization, handling exercises, topic discussion, and when possible, a demonstration.

Requirements: The puppy (8-16 weeks of age) must have been in the home for 2+ weeks and have shot records showing they have begun their vaccines.

Cost: $55 for 3 sessions – Successful completion of puppy preschool will also qualify your dog for training discounts as an adult.

Basic Obedience

Siena holds a down while her Mom snaps a picture.

Lessons in basic obedience are beneficial for the average family dog who needs to learn some manners.  Basic obedience is done on-leash, and includes such commands as heel, sit, down, stay, and come.  In teaching those commands, small behavioral problems such as pulling on the leash, undesired barking, and jumping can also be addressed.

Requirements: Proof of distemper/parvo and rabies vaccinations.

Advanced Obedience

Once basic obedience is established, you can begin to increase distractions.

Advanced obedience lessons will build upon the basic obedience lessons and introduce new commands, such as finish, the square off 90 (a continuation of the heel command), and stand, and will transition into off leash obedience.  Once off leash has been successfully established, it can be proofed in areas of higher distractions.  Other advanced commands, such as “place,” can be added as desired.

Requirements: Proof of distemper/parvo and rabies vaccinations.


Behavior Modification 

Kalli’s owners have had trouble with her stealing things… like rain boots.

Behavior Modification refers to training centered around specific, more intense, behavior problems.  It will always be lumped with basic obedience (since basic obedience will open the lines of communication between you and your dog), with the end goal being resolution of the behavioral problem.  Examples include, but are not limited to, intense fear of storms, separation anxiety, house training problems, shyness, and aggression.

Requirements: Proof of distemper/parvo and rabies vaccinations.

Board and Train

Board and Train services will be provided at the sole discretion of the trainer.  Please contact us for more information.


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