RUFFresher Lessons

COVID-19 UPDATE – Please scroll to the bottom of this page!

FREE when you complete training with us!

What is a Ruffresher? 
Our vision is for Ruffreshers (refreshers) to be like an “open gym” of sorts for dogs who have completed a certain level of training with us.  Our primary goal and focus will be on walking and leash manners with distractions, and we plan to meet outside at the Greenway as often as weather/daylight will allow.  When weather/daylight does not allow, we will meet at our shop on the 105 Bypass and modify our plan for inside.

Can my dog come?
All client dogs, past and present, who have either completed a private training program or class (higher than Puppy Preschool) are welcome to attend.  If you are unsure if your dog would be a good fit for a Ruff-resher lesson, please don’t hesitate to ask!

When are the lessons?
With a few exceptions, lessons will be on the 1st and 3rd Saturday mornings of the month at 9 AM – but please check the exact dates below often as dates are subject to change without notice.  All changes will be updated here and posted on our Facebook page at our earliest convenience.

2020 Current dates/times are as follows:
June – 27th
July – 22nd – this is a WEDNESDAY at 6:00pm
August – 1st and 15th
September – 5th and 19th
October – 3rd and 17th
November – 7th and 21st  – (Changed to Nov 14)
December – 5th and 19th

How do I sign up? 
You don’t!  We know everyone’s schedule is a moving target these days, so we will not be requiring advance commitment – come when you can!

How do I find out about the location? 
Our default meeting location will be at the Greenway – please meet by the picnic tables at the Hunting Hills Lane entrance.  This is the entrance across from the Armory and down the road from the Watauga Swim Complex.   We always post the location the Friday afternoon before ON FACEBOOK.  If you do not have a Facebook account and wish to receive an email notification, please let us know.  If we need to cancel a lesson for some reason, the cancellation will also be posted on Facebook.

COVID-19 RUFFresher Update! 

1. Until further notice, all RUFFreshers will be held outdoors at the greenway. If the weather is poor, the event will be cancelled rather than moved indoors due to COVID-19 restrictions.  We will only be doing exercises that meet social distancing requirements.  
2. Confirmation that the event is happening will be posted on the Facebook page, as before, the Friday afternoon or day before the event. If you feel you should have seen an update and haven’t, feel free to contact us directly.
3. Also as usual, since this is a free service, we reserve the right to cancel the event if needed for professional or personal reasons. (Though we try very hard not to!)
Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have questions! All Saturday dates are 9am at the Boone Greenway across from the armory!
*Clients with puppies under 6 months who have participated in private lessons while Puppy Preschool is on hold – you may attend the RUFFreshers to allow your puppy to observe the dogs and people.  Understand that we do NOT recommend attending if your puppy has not yet finished its distemper/parvo boosters as this is a public area with high dog traffic.  Attendance is at your own risk and discretion.  Also, this is not puppy playtime – but rather an opportunity for your puppy to continue observing the world and practice calm behavior in a new environment.  

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