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“My husband and I can’t say enough great things about Chelsea and Discovery Dog Training.  Chelsea is so well qualified and yet friendly and fun to work with.  She started by finding out our issues with Callie and then methodically helped us solve each one.  Callie started with an “attitude” and is now obedient and happier too.  We followed Chelsea’s rules and did the training at home she recommended.  It was perfect.  We would highly recommend Chelsea to anyone.”  Bonnie, Bernard, and Callie (2022)

“We completed Chelsea’s Composed Canines class and found it extremely beneficial.  But, we live in a rural setting with open acreage, so I wanted to gain better off control of our puppy off-leash.  E-Collar training was the perfect next step.  After going through the course with Chelsea and then working a few more weeks on our own, our 11 month old girl is now a pro off-lead.  Our puppy is sensitive to touch and correction, yet she immediately took to the E-Collar process.  The E-Collar turned out to be a gentle yet effective way to communicate with her, and it was so much fun to witness our pup’s excitement with this new way of learning.  I highly recommend Chelsea’s E-Collar training course!”  -Tanya 

From an email in reference to dog-reactive Archer’s progress:
“Two Sunday afternoons ago we walked at VCCP – it had warmed up and was sunny and EVERYBODY was there with dogs.  Archer did very well.  I couldn’t believe my eyes when he walked passed a dog resting with its owner on a bench and he didn’t even blink…Thank you again for teaching us/me how to handle him.  I’m very pleased.” 
– Ann

“We cannot thank you enough for all of your help with Hatchet over the last 8 months!  He is growing into such a good dog and we owe it all to you.  Thank you for all of your guidance and patience!  You are such a blessing!  We can’t wait for the advanced class.”
– Leann

In reference to a Basic Obedience group class:
“What I learned through this class is that obedience is less about learning a “trick” and more about gaining tools to work and master the commands in ways that will benefit us in our day to day life.”

“Bear Claw Ranch highly recommends Discovery Dog Training!  Chelsea has trained my Blue Heeler, Banjo, and what an amazing transformation.  She is very knowledgable and uses a quiver of techniques that best suites the owner and the individual dog.  Outstanding!”

“Our three year old cock-a-poo came to us with no leash training, few social skills with people or other dogs, and a lot of nervous energy. After working with Discovery Dog Training, we now have a much happier dog who knows her commands and enjoys interacting with the dogs she meets. Her confidence has grown as we have trained. We will be forever grateful to Discovery Dog Training for teaching us and our dog the way to a happy life together.”

“I let Remy run around in my parents backyard, off-leash, today. I was a nervous wreck, but she didn’t leave the yard and had a blast! I never could have done that before working with Chelsea because she didn’t listen to me back then, but now she does! Thanks Chelsea!”

“I have sung your praises, and people have asked me who our trainer was because of the change they have seen in Lola. She is so happy and makes us so happy because of the change you helped us to bring about in her.”

Group Training Session

Group training session at Tanglewood Park, Clemmons NC

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