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Discovery Dog online

Discovery Dog Online

Discovery Dog Online is a paid Facebook page that contains videos, photos, handouts, and more!  Clients can view our ENTIRE Composed Canines course (a $270 value!), watch videos and read handouts on puppy training, post their own progress videos for feedback, and ask questions!

Join TODAY so you can…

✔ Develop a strong bond and relationship with your dog
✔ Enjoy the company of your dog wherever you are, in different environments, and around distractions
✔ Get your dog thinking on its own so it learns to make good decisions
✔ Learn optimal care, health, and conditioning of your dog
✔ And learn it all from the convenience of your own home, or anywhere you are online

Here’s What’s Included:

✔ 1-on-1 Personalized Virtual Session
✔ Immediate access to our growing library of training resources
✔ Frequent tips on training, health, special topics and more
✔ Access to our private Facebook Group with a growing online community of other dog-lovers for feedback, discussion, and support
✔ Exclusive content available only to Discovery Dog Online members

Join Now For Only $149.99!
(and $9.99 Monthly for Group Access & Training
Please contact us directly for access.  

Private Zoom Lessons

We know that Facebook isn’t for everyone, and that some folks prefer and need more personalized attention.  Whether you’re looking to just brush up on your obedience skills, need help with behavior modification, or are teaching something brand new, we want to hear from you!

Contact us today to discuss your needs and set up your private Zoom call!

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