Discover Your Dog’s Full Potential

What do I mean, as a trainer, when I state that I want to help you “discover your dog’s full potential?”

Miriam-Webster defines the word “potential” in this way: “existing in possibility – capable of development into actuality.”

Using that definition, and applying it to the average family dog, I believe it is POSSIBLE for your dog to DEVELOP the skills needed to be a well-mannered and obedient member of your family.  Your dog has the potential to bring joy and happiness to your home, not constant frustration and disobedience, and I want to see that dream become a reality.

I love seeing hyperactive dogs learn self-control and obedience so their owners are no longer afraid they are going to knock over houseguests.

I love seeing shy dogs gain enough confidence to go for a walk around the neighborhood or play with their owners’ grandkids.

I love seeing puppies learn not to bite early so that their owners can actually enjoy the majority of puppyhood.

These are the lifestyle changes we want to see for every owner and dog.  Don’t waste another minute frustrated over your dog’s lack of obedience – give me a call and let me help you begin to discover your dog’s full potential!

Chelsea Cutler, Certified Professional Trainer



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